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Ned Talks – Man Overboard Drill

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Training Drill So, as a training drill, this would never be your first port of call. However, once you are feeling confident at the helm and are enjoying the boating experience, this is a great next step. This is like … Continued

Ned Talks – Advanced Courses – Heavy Weather

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Go out on a choppy day It is important to take your boat out in choppy weather and to know how to drive it through the chop for the safety of the boat and the comfort of all onboard. Although … Continued

Ned Talks – Boating Essentials Program, dock

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About Boating Essentials Program This is a 5-6 hour program designed to familiarize you with your boat and with the basics of boating. Firstly – we get on board and introduce ourselves. Then, We go through the boat with you … Continued

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