Buying a Boat?

The Magic Three

A view of Queenscliff marina from the Boat Yard

The Marine world is full of boats. There are so many vessels to choose from but my general opinion is that there is no such thing as a bad boat. The only thing that makes a boat “bad” is the owner’s expectations not being met by that vessel. 

My goal is to help you achieve the best out of your boating lifestyle and to do this you will need to understand the Magic 3.

The magic 3

1. Lifestyle expectation

2. The intended area of operation (waterways)

3. Budget, Budget, Budget

If you get it wrong in Melbourne and surrounds you may feel like you have a hole in the water that you tip money into.

If you get the balance between the 3 right, from the beginning, you will be in boating for the rest of your life.

Obviously all 3 are important, but the one that will kill your passion for boating quicker than it started is Budget.


When we talk Budget we are not just talking about the purchase price of the boat. But what other considerations are there I hear you ask?

2 Good questions to ask are:
Are there any urgent repairs required on the boat?

What are the costs likely in the first 12 months of ownership?

Without an answer to these questions, your budget can blow out almost immediately!

Unfortunately in Melbourne, “boat sales” is a largely unregulated industry. The boat broker is not necessarily a boating expert and so may not be fully aware of the condition of the boat being sold.

Get Informed

What you don’t find out before purchase becomes your problem – with little to no recourse to the previous owner or broker. So ask these questions and make sure you get a full answer – even if you have to get a pre-purchase boat inspection to get that answer.

My passion is helping people get this right. Let me help you enter your boating career fully informed and “in the know”.

Happy boating!