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Pre Purchase Boat Inspections & Advice

Pre-Purchase Boat Inspections & Advice in Melbourne

After over 30 years experience in the Marine industry, my business goal is: To help you to enjoy boating as much as I do.

This usually starts with choosing the right boat to suit your Lifestyle Expectations, Area of Use and Budget. I call these the Magic 3 – because they will either make or break your boating experience!

If you are in the market for a boat, but you are just not sure then we should chat!

I am happy to assist you in any way that will help you have more certainty regarding your vessel choice.

The services I offer:

Advice over the phone.

I offer this to anyone who needs it. Whether you live in Melbourne, down the Mornington Peninsula, Geelong or anywhere in Australia really.

a. This advice could be Pre-purchase Advice. Maybe you are feeling like you don’t know the full story of the boat you are looking to purchase, or maybe just want to know what its sailing range is and what waters would suit its type of hull.

I am familiar with most types of boats, and if I am not I can google it, and just by looking at it I will be able to give you some sound advice.

b. The advice might be general advice regarding repairs and maintenance, general operation, engine won’t start, making a strange noise, renaming your boat, Melbourne waterways, Port Phillip Bay, The Heads.

Whatever question you have, I will do my best to provide you with some useful information that will enhance your boating experience.

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Skipper’s walk through

I can attend the boat with you and give you a verbal debrief of what I see. This will include an estimate of costs needed to fix any problems noted on the boat.

I will go into detail about what I see and also give you an idea of the boat’s value. During this walk through, I will find out about how you intend to use the boat as well, and will help you understand the best use for the boat in question.

Full Pre-purchase Inspection with a comprehensive report and verbal debrief.

My reports are not a Survey report.

Just for full understanding – a Survey report on a boat in Victoria will give you a general overview of the condition of the vessel and assess its seaworthiness.

A seaworthy boat is not necessarily a good boat.

A survey report can be used with your insurer.

My reports will give you a general overview of the condition of the vessel and I will assess if it is seaworthy.

However, additionally in my Pre-purchase Inspection I will open every hatch, look at every moving and non moving part and give you an assessment of its condition.

When this is complete I will be able to give you an estimate regarding the costs post purchase which are urgent and those which will be required within the next 12 months. I will also be able to tell you if this boat is value for money or if the asking price is too high.

All the services I offer are for You, the boat owner (or owner to be). I am the buyers advocate! Your advocate.

I do not and will never work for a boat broker or the seller (unless the seller needs a vendor inspection on their boat).

My job is to give you the best advice possible so you can enjoy your boating lifestyle for years to come.

If I can help you make an informed decision, even over the phone – then I would be happy with that.

Call me if you have any question – big or small!


PS My pre-purchase inspection reports are not current accepted by insurers such as Club Marine.

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