Boat Repair & Restoration Melbourne

Boats, like any vehicle, need to be maintained to ensure continued functioning. This includes having a start up schedule, regular servicing and the larger maintenance requirements.

At High Tide Boating we can assist you with all of your maintenance requirements.

We can help you with

  1. Minor repairs and servicing
  2. Installation’s of new equipment
  3. Coordination of your scheduled and annual servicing
  4. Organising slipping for out of water works
  5. Detailing and/or repairs and
  6. Full restorations.

When you use High Tide Boating you tap into more than just our skill set.

We have been operating in Melbourne for more that 10 years, and during that time we have grown a network of trusted contractors who will do the right thing by YOU.

This network has been handpicked! We will give any and all contractors a go to see if they do right by the boat owners, and if they don’t, we won’t recommend them to our clients.

Sometimes finding a mechanic who you can trust to fix your car at a reasonable price is not easy. In the Marine Industry, the task can be even harder. This is why we consider our Network is our Networth. If I recommend a contractor to you, it’s because I trust that they will do the best possible job on your boat.

Also – because I have worked with these contractors over many years, they will often fit in my jobs in busy periods.

Whenever we organise works for you, we will discuss it with you, go over the quote and works required, explain what needs to be done and why. Through this process you will gain “peace of mind”.

Our aim is to – where practical – NOT interrupt your enjoyment of your boat.