Testing The Engines

Well functioning engines will take you a long way

Who am I?

Ned is my name. Boats and Melbourne are my passion!

I started my Maritime career at the age of 8, working for a boat hire business is Mallacoota, Victoria. Since then I have captained vessels of all shapes and sizes including motor and sailing yachts, and even spent some time on a steamboat!

Melbourne and her waterways and Port Phillip Bay are my home, and I have explored much of what they have to offer – but not all.

Not many people get to take their passion and turn it into a career! I am extremely fortunate in this respect.

My Goal

Make boating information readily available to new boat owners.

One of the things that I want to help prevent in Melbourne is people buying boats without knowing as much about that boat as possible.

For this reason, I offer free advice to anyone who requires it! And no question is too small! Please pick my brains – I love talking “ship”.

Outboard engines

Today I want to talk engines – specifically outboards

When we do an inspection on a boat with outboard motors we get the motors running as part of the inspection process. Occasionally this is not possible if the boat is out of the water, because the current owner doesn’t have a hose to connect to them. But whenever possible we will test them.

Buyer Beware

One thing to be mindful of:

If we arrive to do a pre-purchase inspection and the engines have been warmed up prior to our arrival – I am instantly suspicious!

Often the faults with an engine will show up on cold start-up, but once warm we don’t see the same problems.

So if you are considering purchasing a boat and choose not to get a boat inspection, be sure to do a cold start-up of the engines before you sign on the dotted line!

Sea Trial

I actually suggest that you do a sea trial before purchase.

If buying from a broker they may suggest a sea trial, but in this case, it is intended only as an extension of the sales process. They will take you for a pleasant outing, maybe stop for coffee, just to convince you that this boat is right for you.

My idea of a sea trial is quite different! The purpose is to test the structural integrity and engines under load and speed in order to show up any faults.

To achieve this, during the sea trial we need to drive the boat like we stole it. Really punch the engines and give the vessel a workout! In this way – any hidden problems can show up.

The Final Decision

This may not stop you buying the boat – and my role is not to talk you out of buying any specific vessel. My job is only to educate you on the boat of your dreams so you understand the positives and negatives before purchase.

In this way, you get the opportunity to make an informed decision and know exactly what you are getting yourself in for.

Happy Boating