Ned Talks - Different Types of Boats and Lifestyle

Ned Talks – Different Types of Boats and Lifestyle

So, obviously looking at boats and the myriad of boats out there, it can be eye opening. You are going to be looking at boats online and and Yacht World and.. It’s fabulous.

But the one thing that is slightly overwhelming is just the sheer variants of boat types. So let’s look at the most basic: motor, sail, fishing, water sports.

So in the category of motor there is cruising, long range cruising, picnic boats, there’s gentleman’s cruisers, go fast boats, slow boats, put-puts, water sport boats, there’s out boards & in boards – there are so many variants.

And then you’re looking at yachts and in this you’re looking at racing, club racing, cruising pedigree, deck saloon or open boats to rattle off a few.

And then you’ve got your fishing weaponry and obviously this is something that looks like it is meant to go out there and take on tuna. Something that can still be trailerable, but can get out to the “shelf”, and there are very few really key brands, styles and hull profiles in that. So it’s easy to go, ugh, too much, it’s all too much and there’s too many things to look at.

And then there are things that we call crossover boats. So if you are looking at a family sort of boat and you don’t want to go belting off the coast of Bermagui to chase barrels or whatever, you will be looking at a crossover boat.

Now a crossover boat is something that has a little bit of comfort – maybe a cabin for sleeping, a small bathroom, little galley section or a barbeque, and it’s all very shiny and nice and carpeted. And yes, you can still fish off the back, but by no stretch of the imagination is this thing an open ocean, we have lost sight of land, kind of fishing weaponry.

So that’s the balancing act. These are some of the balancing points we need to find in assessing our lifestyle expectations.

Let us help you work out which boat will give you the best lifestyle advantage for your location.