Ned talks - The Right Mindset To Have When Buying a Boat.

Ned talks – The Right Mindset To Have When Buying a Boat

Let’s talk about mindset. Firstly, we need to try to control your excitement.

Now, the excitement and passion for boating is to be encouraged. But what you want to do is curb your enthusiasm for the first part, while we’re going through the real analytical process or real focus process of looking at what type of boat to buy.

Generally, from my experience, if you find yourself in a highly excited state, it can make it easier to be steered down the rabbit hole by all the things that are showy and flashy – that look good on the surface, but…

But keep in mind, we are looking at a boat from the keel up, we are not just looking at the lifestyle down. We want the lifestyle, that is an important part of the dream, but we have to really understand boating from keel up. This is the only way to keep your dreams from sinking.

Obviously the more you learn, the more you are going to know about boats, what they do, their characteristics, and what hull shapes are better in what sea conditions, and so on. We will cover a lot of that.

But for now, if you are looking to buy a boat, I invite you to redirect that excitement and enthusiasm for a real passion for research. That is the best way I know to achieve your boating dream.