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Boat Use – Too Little or Too Much

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“I only use my boat once a year” Recently we were on one of our client’s boats and there were some problems with the vessel that required urgent attention. I spent about an hour with the owner and he said … Continued

Boating & Melbourne Weather

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On Thursday 19th September 2019 High Tide Boating was at The Royal Yacht Club of Victoria in Williamstown. We were doing a safety equipment audit on a 1963 Classic Yacht. Weather Changes The morning was calm and still. In fact, … Continued

Testing The Engines

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Who am I? Ned is my name. Boats and Melbourne are my passion! I started my Maritime career at the age of 8, working for a boat hire business is Mallacoota, Victoria. Since then I have captained vessels of all … Continued

Buying a Boat?

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The Magic Three The Marine world is full of boats. There are so many vessels to choose from but my general opinion is that there is no such thing as a bad boat. The only thing that makes a boat … Continued

Twin Prop Parking

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A step by step guide on how to park your twin prop boat featured in Tradeaboat! You’re shorthanded, with a crowd of greenhorns aboard, and you need to dock. Now! But don’t fret. Professional boating instructor *NED FILES offers a … Continued

Advanced Boat Handler’s Course

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Phil Bedlington is a very competent boat handler who doesnt have much left to learn in this arena. With that said, the most successful people are always learning and willing to learn! We spent a day with Phil Bedlington going … Continued

Hold Fast, Anchoring your boat properly

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I wrote an article for Dock Lines Magazine explaining the importance of anchoring your boat. In recent times anchoring has come to be regarded as more hassle than it’s worth and only done if absolutely necessary. Please don’t fall into … Continued

Docking your Boat Using a Spring Line

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I wrote an step by step guide to docking your boat properly using a spring line with Dock Line Magazine. “Master advanced boat docking skills with boating instructor Ned Files of High Tide Boating. This step-by-step guide is an introduction to … Continued

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